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     From Vilnius City Board of the Public Movement SAJUDIS

     Vilnius 20 January 2010
     On 16 January 2010, we received a letter from Alla Dudayeva and we’ll transfer it in Lithuanian, English and Russian to mass media, colleagues and was well as the answer to Mrs. Alla (see http://www.sajudis.com ).

     Dear members of Vilnius City Board of SAJUDIS, you may publish the below-provided letter and transfer it to my friends in Lithuania, SAJUDIS organization and so on.

     To Lithuanian nation and members of SAJUDIS

     My dear friends! Since September 2009, I am in Tbilisi. I was invited to Georgia for the activities that are very interesting and important both for Georgian NATION and the whole Caucasus. And I think that my activities in the new First Caucasian channel that will be visible in European countries as well should be beneficial for citizens of the Baltic States, too.


The text on the photo: In the centre – Caucasian Portrait. Below - the name of A. Dudayeva.

     At present, Russian mass media takes persistent efforts for closing our channel; the information warfare was declared on us. Everybody is aware that activities of journalists became the most dangerous, even when they are bound with peace on the earth. So, I am at present in the front line of the said battle that is forced to repel various provocations, rumours, gossips, i.e. the persistent dissemination of compromising information from the side of special Russian agencies and their mass media. Ноwever, as Djohar told, “jackals are baying and a caravan is going..." In the meanwhile, television does not show our channel yet; however, the total video of our channel is provided in internet, so everybody may go to < 1k-tv.com > and familiarize with our First Caucasian channel. I have prepared two author’s television broadcasts – you can access to them by opening “TV Broadcasts”. Then “Caucasian Portrait” with Alla Dudayeva will follow. These broadcasts will be issued once a week and show meetings with interesting persons, historians, writers, politicians, former dissidents, cultural workers striving mutual understanding and peace between nations – both of Caucasus and Russia. I hope they will help to drive out the image of “persons of Caucasian nation” that is persistently thrust by our foes worldwidely and show wonderful faces of Caucasian friends...
     I admire heroism of Lithuanian nation and its feat on 13 January 1991. Cherish and multiply these values. Hereby I congratulate you on occasion of the approaching holidays – 16 February (restoration of Lithuanian state in 1918) and 11 March (restoration of Independence of Lithuania in 1990). I thank Vilnius City Board of SĄJŪDIS for the website http://www.sajudis.com where Chronicle „Do not kill“ and other materials are published.
     I send my best wishes to Lithuanian nation and the whole amiable staff of SAJUDIS. I’ll never forget you.
With sincere respect for the whole Lithuanian nation – Alla Dudayeva.
16 January 2010, Tbilisi City.

     Dear Alla,

     Thank You for Your letter. We are glad that You take an active part in the Georgian people’s life, like You had been behaving in Lithuania. And, as always, You talk about PEACE ON THE EARTH, about the people and nature and reveal the Chechen people’s tragedy and the tragedy of the enslaved countries via Your word, brush and verse.
     It is difficult to struggle against the challenges of the world’s crisis in Lithuania. Honestly speaking, the former convicts, political prisoners, partisans and fighters for Independence of Lithuania react easier towards these challenges.
     We inform You that the studio of the Vilnius Council of the SAJUDIS „LABORA“ finalizes the 2-nd series of the internet film chronicle „Don‘t kill“ (in the Lithuanian, English and Russian languages), which will be placed in our internet site http://www.sajudis.com.
     We wish You happiness. Let the Lord help and save You.

Chairman of the Council      L.Kerosierius

Executive Secretary              A.Budriunas

Members of the Board: G. Adomaitis, A. Akelaitis, A. Ambrazas, S. Boreika, A. Bruzas, A. Budriunas, P. Dirse, S. Eidukonis, R. Jakuciuniene, P. Girdzijauskas, A. Gribeniene, J. Gurskas, P. Gvazdauskas , L. Kerosierius, J. Kuoras, A. Malinionis, H. Martinkenas, A. Markuniene, J. Parnarauskas, F. Petkus, B. Raila, P. Rutkauskas, G. Ruzgys, A. Skaistys, R. Skaistis , R. Simonaitis, Z. Simonaitis, K. Staniulevicius, J. Saulys, K. Vidziunas, R. Vilimiene, A. Zalatorius, S. Zilinskas.

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