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To: Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki Mun
NATO Secretary General Jan de Hoop Scheffer
President of European Parliament Hans-Gert Piottering
Chairman of Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe Dora Bakojanni
President of Russian Federation Dimitrij Medvedev
President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus


     of the participants of the meeting in connection with the 13-th anniversary since the day of murder of the President of the Chechen Republic of Itshkeria     DZHOKHAR DUDAYEV

     Near the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the city of Vilnius 21 April, 2009

     Russia has been committing aggressive military operations within 4 centuries, seeking for extermination of Chechens and capturing of their territory, on which the Chechen tribes have been living within already several millenniums.
     The 23-rd of February of the year 1944, when the whole Chechen nation was exiled to Central Asia and Kazakhstan, where approximately 70 % of the exiled died, was particularly tragic.
     Chechnya became an independent state on the 6th of September in the year 1991. The Chechen nation, the clergy and the great son of the Chechen nation Dzhokhar Dudayev manifested great heroism of the independent Chechen state.
     According to the first article of the International pact regarding the civil and political rights (the 16-th of December, 1966), “All nations have the right of self-determination. Owing to this right, they ascertain freely their political status and secure freely their economic, social and cultural development.” The Chechen nation is deprived of this fundamental right.
     Russia unleashed a wide-scale, total and aggressive war against the Chechen nation on the 11-th of December in the year 1994. The 100-thousands’ Russian army annihilates Chechen people, the historical heritage, infrastructure and economics with the help of the prohibited military means. The Russian military death squadrons operate in Chechnya.
     On the 21-st of April, in 1996 Russia killed the President of the Chechen Republic of Itshkeria Dzhokhar Dudayev deviously and brutally.
     On the 12-th of May, in 1997 the President of the Russian Federation Boris Jelcyn and the President of the Chechen Republic of Itshkeria Aslan Maskhadov concluded the PIECE TREATY. However, the Presidents of Russia B.Jelcyn, V.Putin and D.Medvedev did not and do not observe this treaty.
     Since the very beginning of the war many public organizations and civilians have been appealing to the high-ranking leaders of international organizations of the world and to the leaders of the states with the request to stop genocide in Chechnya, to pull out the Russian army from Chechnya, to indemnify the caused material detriment and to restore Independence of the Chechen Republic of Itshkeria.
     The global world’s crisis hit the CHECHEN NATION with the double wave, i.e. by huge moral shaking and huge financial costs.
The leaders of international organizations and states did not suppress the Russian authorities, which continue to exercise genocide of the Chechen nation and allow Russia to continue annihilation of Chechen people. They sanctioned extermination of the Chechen nation indirectly.
     The Chechen nation is just and proud; each Chechen is ready to sacrifice his/her life for his/her Motherland and own nation.
Is it really so that the world’s rulers want to continue observation of the battle of the 150-mln. Russian state with the Chechens, who struggle for their Motherland, of the Chechen and Russian mothers’ tears, who have lost their children?!

     The participants of the meeting ask:

1. Russia to stop military operations, to pull out the Russian army from the Chechen Republic of Itshkeria and to indemnify the caused detriment. Set free more than 20 thousands of Chechens illegally captured and violated in Russian prisons without trial and inquiry;
2. to grant Independence to the Chechen Republic of Itshkeria;
3. Russia to keep to the Peace Treaty, signed by the Presidents B.Jelcyn and A.Maskhadov on the 12-th of May in the year 1997;
4. to provide humanitarian aid to Chechen people.

     We call the states and good-willed people to provide every possible moral and political assistance for Chechen people.

Chairman of Vilnius Council of Sajudis L. Kerosierius

Responsible Secretary A. Budriunas

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