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     About the tsunami

To all Kings and Queens, Presidents, Speakers of Parliament, Prime Ministers, Heads of the United Nations, European Union, and NATO, Princes and Princesses, Heads of the media, and HUMANITY:

The Genocide in Chechnya is worse than the tsunami
An open letter

     203 million people were killed around the world in the 20th century: 10 million died in WWI, 50 million in WWII. Lenin killed 13 million, Stalin - 30 million, Hitler - 12 million, Mao - 65 million, and B. Yeltsin and V. Putin 250 thousand Chechens.
     Many natural cataclysms occurred in the last century: almost 100 thousand people were killed in 1908 by an earthquake in Mesina, Italy, 200 thousand people – in Gansu, China, 1920, 144 thousand people – in Great Kanto, Japan, 1923, 255 thousand people – in Tangshan, China, 1976. In 1992 hurricane Andrew created damages of about 15.5 thousand million US dollars.
     On 26 December 2004, a tsunami created by an earthquake killed about 200 thousand and caused huge material losses. The world sympathised with the victims of the disaster and is supporting them in every possible way. Kings and Queens, Presidents, Speakers of Parliament, Prime Ministers, Princes and Princesses, the Heads of the media, noted scientists, artists, athletes, and entertainers, magnates of industry and business, and ordinary people are materially helping them. About 6 thousand million US dollars have already been collected in support. This is an appraisal of the suffering and losses; this is humane and moral.
     On 11 September 2001, terrorists destroyed two skyscrapers and damaged the Pentagon; 3000 people died.
At the beginning of September 2004, about 1000 people including 800 children died in the events at Beslan and 210 are missing. These events froze people’s blood. After these events, they have expressed their sympathy, visited the US and Russian embassies, and been ready to provide material support. The position of the heads of state and their institutions allows one to understand that the pain of others is also our own, that criminals must be found and brought to justice, and that victims need both moral and material support. Ordinary people also think this way.
     On 11 December 1994, Russia, after trampling on the Right of Nations to Self-determination that is recognised by all the countries of the United Nations and Russia herself as well as the norms and other documents of International Law she has signed, began brutal military actions in the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. In committing genocide against an independent state, Russia has killed about 250 thousand people including about 42 thousand children, destroyed this country’s entire economy, created material damages of approximately 300 milliard US dollars, and left about 80% of the people homeless. The youth and children are infected with tuberculosis and many of them are suffering from open forms of it. About 40% of the infants are born deformed. The Russian Federation is not complying with the PEACE Treaty between the Russian Federation and the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria signed on 12 May 1997 by President B. Yeltsin and President A. Maschadov of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. Understand that a Peace Treaty signed by the presidents of two sovereign states has huge international significance. Massacres. Diseases. Tragedy. Pain. Starvation. These are obvious signs of a total colonial war and genocide. The world powers have not provided the Chechens with any material support and have not forced Russia to comply with the most elementary rules of humanity. Putin has explained that Russia is fighting terrorism. The world powers have remained silent as if they do not understand that these are children, women, and the elderly, not terrorists, that these are flats, the cultural heritage, scientific and medical institutions, land, animals, and implements, not tools of terrorism. An impression has been created that V. Putin is afraid.
     Almost 40 thousand Russian soldiers have died in perpetrating the total genocide of Presidents B. Yeltsin and V. Putin in Chechnya.
     The highest institutions of the world: Presidents, Parliaments, Governments, etc could honour the Chechen victims of Russia’s genocidal policy with a minute of sympathy, reflection, and silence in their next meetings and should demand that: 1. Russia implement the Peace Treaty; 2. withdraw its army; 3. reimburse the damages; 4. hand over power to the legally elected President A. Maschadov and Parliament. The states of the world and their citizens could give the Chechens material support.
     At the beginning of June 2005, I will manufacture a 7 meter metal cross using my family’s money and erect it near the Russian Federation embassy in Vilnius to mark the tragedy of Chechnya.
     Many of the world’s heads of the state are preparing to gather on 9 May in Moscow to mark the victory over Fascism. Why give the initiative to Russia-the USSR, which signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact with Germany on 23 August 1939 and attacked Poland together with it in September 1939, thereby beginning the Second World War. Respect yourself: do not pander or grovel to Moscow; prove to Russia that the world became a victim of communism and fascism 66 years ago. During the entire 60-year post-war period, the world has been defending itself from communism, which the USSR-Russia has propagated. Remember that while the Allies were approaching the citadel of fascism, Russia on 23 February 1944 deported the entire Chechen nation to Siberia, Kazakhstan, and Central Asia; during and after the end of the war, the Soviet-communist machine for the destruction of nations and people who think differently operated at full force and is still operating since the genocide in Chechnya is still continuing.
Moscow is preparing for a parade. That KGB agent and butcher of the Chechen nation, V. Putin, is preparing to greet them and explain the victory... When you greet him, you can feel the Chekist butcher’s penetrating look, the fangs of a beast, the touch of bloody hands, the sounds of a poisonous snake... and around him, the souls of his victims... Do not travel to Moscow.
     I am not comparing the consequences of natural cataclysms to the effects of wars and genocides. People are intelligent beings; they know how to defend themselves. And they must be restrained, especially V. Putin, who is fighting a war in a foreign land, the independent state of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. V. Putin has turned Chechnya into a concentration camp. Instruments for killing people are being tested here. Butchers are practicing their craft and politicians are modelling methods for controlling people here. V. Putin must be tried for genocide. His place is in a court room and not in a victory parade.
     China has occupied Tibet and killed a third of the Tibetans. No help or support has been offered. The world powers have remained silent since China is bigger than them.
     After you read them, pass it on to. Remember the tragedies, genocide, and consequences and do everything to prevent them, i.e. do everything to avoid them and to fight for the good of humanity.
     Sincerely ask the media and its institutions to find a place for this letter or a summary of it on the Internet, the big screen, radio, and TV; I ask for no money for its use.
Ask God for His support and blessing.

Respectfully yours
Leonas Kerosierius
Member of the Vilnius City Committee to promote
the independence of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria

02 February 2005; My address: Erfurto 46-64, Vilnius, Lithuania; Tel. (+370-5) 23 18 111;
e-mail: leonaske@takas.lt


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