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Mr. Peter Schieder
President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council

Mr. Andreas Gross
ETPA speaker about Chechen Problems

Mr. Pat Cox
President of the European Parliament

Mr. Jan Kubis
Secretary General of the European Safety and Cooperation Organization


of the Members of ,,Labora“ Union of Vilnius Lietuvos Sąjūdis Meeting

„International Experience the Only Way of Solving of Chechia Problem“

Vilnius 2003-10-22

     We can not pretend that we don‘t see that Chechen problem is the relict of Russian colonial policy and denial of the right of self-determination of nations. These are analogines of previous Russian problem in Baltic countries and in Middle Asia, French problem in Algeria and Indonesian in East Timos.
     Russia this year under the conditions of active partisan war of resistence and with 80 thousand Russian army including aviation units in the 17.000 sq. km territory of Chechen on March 23, using old communist treachery and violence methods organized immitational referendum for the refusal of independence of Chechen. History doesn‘t know such referendums under such conditions. The same actions were undertaken on October 5 when the ,,president“ of Chechen was ,,elected“.
     It is farse . No international organization can recognize such cynical and criminal violence dressed into legal form. We can ask: why it is pandered for Russian violence and primes against humanity?
     Way out :
1. To invite president Aslan Maschadov to the European Council and to listen to his opinion. It is not possible to listen to the one side Russian conception.
2. When there are massive abuses and killings it is not possible to solve the problem of Chechnia without neutral countries – the initiative of the United Nations, as it was in Jugoslavia.

Chairmen of the meeting: Leonas Kerosierius
Algimantas Budriūnas
Algimantas Malinionis

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