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     Letter of thanks

Application of the Members of
,,Labora“ Union of Vilnius Lietuvos Sąjūdis Meeting

To: Mr. Pat Cox
The President of the European Parliament

Vilnius 22 October 2003

Mr President,

     We thank for your answer to the Petition by the Members of ,,Labora“ Union of Vilnius Lietuvos Sąjūdis Meeting „On the Resolution of Chechen Problem on an International Scale by the Assistance of United Nations“.

     The action by the European Parlament stated in your letter should help to Europe to understand the problem of Chechen and to labour for the cessation of arms and for withdrawal of Russian army as well as the restitution should be made.

     We disclaim the president election organized by Russia and we state that Aslan Maschadov is the rightful President of Chechen.

Chairmen of the meeting: Leonas Kerosierius
Algimantas Budriūnas
Algimantas Malinionis

Address for contact: Leonas Kerosierius, Erfurto st. 46-64, LT-2043 Vilnius, Lithuania,: Telephone +370 5 231 81 11, E-mail: leonaske@takas.lt


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